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Thank you for coming to my web page.  I have retired as a Marriage Celebrant.

In Queensland, a Registered Relationship is a new way of formally recognising a committed relationship between a couple.

On November 30 2011, the Queensland Parliament passed the Civil Partnership Act 2011 which provided for a couple, regardless of their sex to have their relationship legally recognised.  The new law came into effect on 23 February 2012.

On June 2012 the Queensland Parliament passed the Civil Partnerships and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012.  The new legislation came into effect on June 27 2012 and amended the Civil Partnerships Act 2011 including renaming it the Relationships Act 2012.

The Relationships Act 2011 provides for a couple, regardless of their sex, to have their relationship legally recognised in Queensland.

As the removal of the Civil Partnership Notary registeration scheme is included in these legislative changes, the appointment of Civil Partnership Notary will not be progressed.

The relationship is legally recognised in Queensland & the Commonwealth once it is registered at the Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages.

Couples wanting to have their relationship registered should consult www.justice.qld.gov.au/justice-services/births-deaths-and-marriages/civil-partnerships

Celebrate your Registered Relationship registration with the ceremony just the way you want it to be.  Here is the Ultimate Ceremony Experience Package designed to suit your needs.

Your Personally Tailored Ceremony:  Written in consultation with you, your ceremony will reflect your personalities, needs, hopes & heritage.  The ceremony wording & choreography will be woven together to include a variety of highly effective vignettes for maximum effect for your photographs of the day.  The package includes:

o Your choice of venue & time;                                                                                                           o  A Ceremony Guide CD to help you make your choices about ceremony ideas & readings;
o Two consultations *;
Your personally designed ceremony;                                                                                             o All stationery costs;
o PA system you can use for the ceremony.

* There can be two consultations.  At the first one, we’ll start to design your ceremony.  At the second consultation we could refine & finalise details …. or we could rehearse the ceremony.  The choice is yours.

Where to from here? Contact us for your complementary obligation-free consultation on 043232 0584 or email altheahurwood@hotmail.com so we can talk about your ultimate ceremony experience …just the way you want it to be.

A Gift for You – The Big Day Pack: ideas & helpful hints for your ceremony: As a client, you will also receive the beautiful Big Day Pack which includes the very popular ’24 Tips to Help Keep Your Costs Under Control‘, the ’12 Tips to Help Plan Your Outdoor Ceremony’ & the ’20 Point Ceremony Checklist’.

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