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Thank you for coming to my web page.  I have retired as a Marriage Celebrant.

Our lives are full of ritual and symbols. Through ceremony, relationships can be strengthened.  These unofficial ceremonies are limited only by the imagination.  I’d be delighted to discuss with you any of these ceremonies listed here or any others you have in mind.

Living in Brisbane, I cover Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and the South-East Corner of Queensland.

Same Sex Commitment Ceremonies:
Same Sex Commitment Ceremonies celebrate your relationship by providing you with a unique and very special opportunity to more formally recognise the love of two people.  Together, we can design a special ceremony to honour your love & commitment to each other to suit your requirements, your beliefs and your lifestyle.

Reaffirmation of Vows:
These ceremonies are to reaffirm your vows previously made.  You may for example, have been married overseas, away from your family, friends and home, and wish to have a ceremony at home to share your joy and happiness with those closest to you, or you may be reunited after a separation.  Alternatively, you may wish to reaffirm your vows to celebrate your anniversary, whether it is 1 or 70 years.  Whilst such a special ceremony provides you with a very special opportunity to reflect, rejoice and celebrate your years together, it also allows you to recommit to the future by renewing your vows and involving your children and grandchildren in the ceremony.

Naming Ceremonies:
These ceremonies welcome a child or children into the family and community of friends. The role of parents, grandparents and godparents/guardian can be celebrated in a meaningful and individually designed ceremony.  These ceremonies normally take place during the child’s first 12 months but may be conducted at any age.  Family members and friends are encouraged to participate in these ceremonies by undertaking readings etc.  Naming ceremonies in no way inhibit the child from any future religions or non-religions commitments or beliefs he/she may undertake later in life.

Transitions and Life Cycles:
Other ceremonies include the following:

o Introduction to Adolescence
o Coming of Age
o Divorce
o Retirement/Redundancy
o 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th,, 70th, 80th, 90th birthdays
o Naturalisation/Citizenship
o Funeral

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A Gift for You – The Big Day Pack: ideas & helpful hints for your ceremony: As a client, you will also receive the beautiful Big Day Pack which includes the very popular ’24 Tips to Help Keep Your Costs Under Control‘, the ’12 Tips to Help Plan Your Outdoor Ceremony’ & the ’20 Point Ceremony Checklist’.

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